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Norwegian dresscloset

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Sewing basket


Here I wil post the diffrent patterns I have for sale at the moment, new ones wil be added as I go along.
Some of the patterns are rezised  patterns based on human clothing, and others are based on my own 'skills'. The patterns that are completley my own creation are marked with a *

Lady patterns

Wedding dress of Giovanna Cenami, The Arnolfini Wedding*      6$
This is a dress that needs alot of fabrick, but it's not to hard to sew

Gentelmenn Patterns

Girl Patterns

Wedding dress of Giovanna Cenami, The Arnolfini Wedding     5$
This is a smaler girl verson of the adult lady dress

Boy Patterns

Pattern Sizes: 
Female: Obitsu/volks 27
                Volks 25
                Obitsu 23
                Volks 22
                Obitsu 21
Male: Obitsu/volks 27
           Obitsu 23
           Obitsu 21


Lovley home made dresses for ya 23/27 cm obitsu