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Norwegian dresscloset

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21/23 cm obitsu dresses

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This is the main 'styles' I do. You can request other colors, special fabrics, accsesories, etc. If you cant find a price on the dress you want, then the dress is just posted as a foto ref. to a pattern

Historical dresses

Renaissance dresses


wedding dress of Giovanna Cenami, The Arnolfini Wedding

Dark ages

1060 Girl dress

Mideaval Boy costume

1300 girl dress

Coloni style dresses

Pink Coloni girl

Pink coloni dress, side

Wedding dress of Giovanna Cenami, : this is the dress that is futured on The Arnolfini Wedding painting. It takes alot of fabrics and is not the easiest dress to sew. It comes with a simple undergarment. The dress is a one part dress and comes with a wais ribbon
1060 Girl dress: This is a replica of an adult dress (I just presume that he children was wearing the same) from 1060. It consists of 3 parts, underdress, overdress and waist ribbon. Stocking wil be awaileble laiter, but I don't got a clue on how to make the shoes
Medieaval boy costume: 4 part costume for a boy, pant's, undershirt, overshirt and belt. It don't got a historical valure, but wil still look rather cute on a little boy
1300 Girl dress: Replica of an adult dress. This is a 1 part dress from the 1300. You can fit it with a fancy belt, but that is not included in the price
Pink coloni dress: It's a smaller and less 'fancy' verson of the aduld dress. It uses pink ribbon on the underskirt and front pannel+ some riobbon on the sleeve. It has no lace, but a ruffle at the overskirt edge

Giovanna Cenami weddingdress: 20$
1060 Girl Dress:8$
Medieaval boy costume:10$
1300 Girl dress:10$

Fantasy Dresses

Easter Lilly dress

Easter Lilly dress, second pic

The Easter Lilly dress is a 1 part dress with yellow lace trimming's at the arms and a yellow lace ribbon at the waist. It is possible to have a yellow lace at the neck trimming. The dress comes complete with the waist and hair ribbon

Easter Lilly dress: 5$

Holliday Clothing

Cute Christmas dress and apron

Cute Christmas longsleeve dress

Cute Christmas :This is a 2 part dress where the dress and aipron come in 2 difrent sizes, long and short. There are 3 difrent sleeves availeble for this dress (foto's comming soon) Knitted stockings are a must and wil be availeble in the extras later

Complete Christmas dress (dress+apron): 10$
Dress: 5$

Some extra guide lines: Dress availeble as dress only has no special mark
                                            Dress availeble as pattern only *
                                            Dress availeble as pattern and finished dress**


Lovley home made dresses for ya 23/27 cm obitsu